Assignments Purchase Form Instructions

  1. Fill in all the buyer information on top
  2. Select the intended date to purchase the assignments (note that prices and fees reflect the current month, if the form and funds are received after the end of the month, totals will not be accurate and you may be required to submit an updated Assignment Form)
  3. Add desired parcels to the purchase form
  4. Interest and fees will automatically populate and will vary based on parcel history and purchase date
    Note: The Form must be used to capture all current fees. The fees and the totals in the downloads do not reflect the State CP purchase price.
  5. Include a check for the From total for all parcels
  6. Send the form and check to Treasurer’s Office via mail, courier, or drop off in person:
    Maricopa County Treasurer
    Attention Tax Lien Department
    301 W. Jefferson St, Suite 140
    Phoenix, AZ 85003
  7. Confirmation of lien purchases will be sent by email
  8. Any liens unavailable will be refunded
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